Top 6 Secrets About Simple Plan

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Simple Plan is one of the most successful and influential punk-pop bands in history. Formed by five friends in Montreal, Simple Plan has had many memorable hits such as “I’m Just a Kid”, “Welcome to My Life” and “Perfect”. Here are 10 fascinating secrets about this beloved band.

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1) Simple Plan was created during a snowboarding holiday that Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau took to Val D’Isere, France back in 1999. While there, they came up with the idea for Simple Plan.

2) Simple Plan has won several awards throughout their career including two Juno Awards for Best New Group of the Year (2002) and Pop Album of the Year (2005).

3) Simple Plan has an incredibly strong fan base. The band’s first tour in 2002 sold out every show and they have since gone on to play over 500 shows around the world.

4) Simple Plan was initially turned down by several recording companies who said their music wasn’t good enough, but that didn’t stop them from continuing to pursue their dreams.

5) Simple Plan’s lead singer Pierre Bouvier is known for his unique vocal style which combines punk-rock with a more melodic pop sound.

6) Simple Plan’s lyrics often touch upon themes of teenage angst and insecurity such as in their hit song “I’m Just a Kid” which is about the struggles

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