Top 10 Secrets About Your Favorite Martian

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Your Favorite Martian may be small, but he’s full of secrets! Here are the top 10 things you never knew about your favorite little red planet-dweller:

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1. He’s actually not from Mars- he’s from a planet called Klaktos

Which was destroyed by a black hole. He was one of the few survivors and crash-landed on Mars.

2. He’s been alive for over 200 years! He was born in 1785.

He’s been to Earth several times, but he’s never told anyone about it.

3. He speaks over 200 languages, but he’s only ever been heard speaking English and Martian.

He actually finds our Earth languages quite difficult to understand, but he’s able to communicate with us using telepathy.

4. He doesn’t need to eat or drink, but he likes the taste of chocolate.

He also enjoys watching humans eat and drink, as it’s something he’s never experienced before.

5. He has a pet cat named Mr. Snugglesworth, who he rescued from a group of bullies on Mars.

He’s very protective of Mr. Snugglesworth and has even been known to fight other Martians who have tried to harm him.

6. He’s afraid of heights, but he’s an excellent swimmer.

He loves the water on Mars and can often be found swimming in the canals.

7. He’s an incredible dancer and has won several competitions.

He usually dances to human music, as he finds Martian music to be quite boring.

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