Top 10 Secrets About Weyes Blood

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Weyes Blood has been making music since 2007, and her sound has evolved dramatically over the years. From delicate singer-songwriter material to expansive electronic songs that draw on classic pop sounds, Weyes Blood is an artist who stands out from the crowd. Here are some of the top 10 secrets about Weyes Blood’s music:

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1. She frequently uses vintage instruments in her recordings.

Whether it’s an old piano or a drum machine with decades of patina, Weyes Blood loves incorporating these pieces of musical history into her compositions.

2. Her lyrics often contain references to nature and natural phenomena.

Weyes Blood takes inspiration from animals and plants for many of her songs, often adding a poetic spin to her descriptions of them.

3. Weyes Blood often collaborates with other musicians on her tracks, bringing a range of influences to her sound.

From brass section players to guest vocalists and producers, Weyes Blood is never afraid to bring in new perspectives when making her music.

4. Despite her dreamy aesthetic, many of Weyes Blood’s songs have dark undertones or explore difficult topics like heartbreak and loss.

It’s this juxtaposition between the light and the dark that gives Weyes Blood’s music its unique flavor.

5. Her 2016 album “Front Row Seat To Earth” was released on two different labels:

Mexican Summer and Vespertine Music Group. This was an unusual move, but it allowed Weyes Blood to reach a wider audience with her music.

6. Despite being based in Los Angeles, Weyes Blood often works on the road when making music.

She’s been known to bring her laptop and recording equipment with her when traveling, allowing her to capture new sounds that she can use in her songs.

7. Weyes Blood isn’t afraid to experiment with different genres of music in order to push the boundaries of what she can create.

On songs like “Do You Need My Love” and “Generation Why?”, she blends classic rock elements with electronic beats and intricate vocal harmonies.

8. Her albums are often themed.

For instance, “Front Row Seat To Earth” is an exploration of the human experience and its relationship to nature, while her follow-up record “Titanic Rising” focuses on themes of loss and redemption.

9. Weyes Blood has been compared to classic singer-songwriters such as Joni Mitchell and Carole King.

Her music often contains references to these artists, but she takes a unique approach that sets it apart from traditional folk songwriting.

10. She has been known to perform covers of other artists’ songs in her live shows, often putting a fresh spin on familiar tunes.

It’s yet another example of how Weyes Blood constantly strives to keep things interesting in her music.

These are just some of the top 10 secrets about Weyes Blood’s music. Whether you’re a fan or an aspiring musician, there’s no denying that her sound is unique and captivating. With each release, she continues to surprise and inspire in equal measure. It’s no wonder she has become one of the most beloved independent artists of recent years.

As such, it’s worth taking a closer look at Top 10 Secrets About Weyes Blood for anyone curious about what makes her music so special. Longtime fans will certainly appreciate getting a peek behind the curtain as well!

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