Top 10 Secrets About The Ataris

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The Ataris formed in 1996 and soon gained a cult following with their pop-punk rock sound. The band released four albums, all of which went on to become successful. The Ataris are best known for their cover of Don Henley’s song “The Boys Of Summer”. The band has shared their music with fans from all around the world and have gone on multiple world tours. The Ataris’ success is rooted in the creative vision of its members, each of them contributing something unique and special to the group’s sound.

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Here are some secrets about The Ataris that you may not know:

1. The founding member, Kris Roe, auditioned for The Offspring but was rejected due to his lack of experience playing guitar at the time.

2. The Ataris’ first EP, Anywhere but Here was recorded in a friend’s basement and was released on an independent label.

3. The band has always been self-sufficient, recording their own music and managing their own finances.

4. The Ataris have shared the stage with some of the most well-known bands in the world including The Ramones, NOFX, The Offspring, and The Beach Boys.

5. The group’s second album Blue Skies Broken Hearts…Next 12 Exits sold more than 200,000 copies worldwide and hit number 56 on the Billboard Top 100 chart.

6. The Ataris made waves when they toured Japan in 2002 as part of The Vans Warped Tour. The band’s performance in Japan was so well-received that they were offered a headlining spot in the upcoming summer tour.

7. The Ataris’ third album So Long, Astoria debuted at number 5 on The Billboard 200 chart and has gone on to sell over 1 million copies.

8. The group performed their rendition of Don Henley’s song “The Boys Of Summer” live from the stage of The Late Show with David Letterman in 2003, reaching millions of viewers around the world.

9. The Ataris have been nominated for three Grammy Awards and have won several awards from MTV Video Music Awards Japan as well as multiple Kerrang! Awards and Radio Music Awards.

10. The Ataris’ music has been featured in the films The Princess Diaries 2, Little Black Book, and The Passion of The Christ. The band has also had songs used on television shows such as The O.C., One Tree Hill, Scrubs, and The Sopranos.

The Ataris have achieved much success over the years with their unique sound that is both soulful and edgy. Through hard work and dedication to their craft, The Ataris have created a lasting legacy for themselves as one of the most beloved pop-punk bands in history. With all these secrets about The Ataris now revealed, there is no doubt that they will only continue to grow in popularity and acclaim from fans worldwide.

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