Top 10 Secrets About The Ataris

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The Ataris rose to fame in the late 1990s, and since then they have become one of the most popular punk-pop bands. The Ataris have a lot of secrets that only their fans know about. Here are 10 secrets every The Ataris fan should know.

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1. The Ataris released their first album in 1997, entitled Anywhere But Here. The album featured two singles, “In This Diary” and “Takeoffs and Landings”, which received moderate success on alternative radio stations.

2. The band gained more recognition when their cover of Don Henley’s “The Boys Of Summer” became a huge hit on MTV in 2003 and reached No.20 on Billboard Hot 100 chart making it The Ataris’ most successful single.

3. The band’s frontman, Kris Roe, is a self-taught musician; he learned to play guitar and write songs without the help of any music lessons.

4. The Ataris are known for their political activism in social justice issues and have been involved in several causes including animal rights, anti-war protests, prison reform and Occupy Wall Street movement.

5. The band has gone through multiple lineup changes over the years but Kris Roe remains as one of the consistent members since The Ataris was formed in 1996. This year marks The Ataris’ 25th anniversary as a band!

6. The Ataris have released seven studio albums, six EPs and a live album. The band’s most recent release was the 2017 EP, So Long Astoria Revisited.

7. The Ataris have had over thirty members in their lineup over the years, including some of punk-rock’s most famous musicians such as Joe Escalante from The Vandals and Rob Avery from The Offspring.

8. The Ataris are known for their live shows that often feature covers of classic rock songs including Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway To Heaven” and The Beatles’ “She Loves You” among others.

9. The Ataris have taken part in several music festivals, including Warped Tour and The Bamboozle. The band also toured with The Offspring, Sum 41, and The Vandals among others.

10. The Ataris are known for their unique sound that combines elements of punk, pop-punk and post-hardcore music. The band’s signature sound has influenced many bands in both the punk rock and alternative genres.

These are just some of The Ataris’ secrets that only true fans know about! With 25 years under their belt, The Ataris still have plenty of surprises up their sleeve for their loyal followers so stay tuned!

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