Top 10 Secrets About The Ataris

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The Ataris were, and still are, an influential rock band from Santa Barbara, California. The band formed in 1996 and has released five studio albums, a compilation album and numerous EPs. The Ataris have achieved success with their mix of punk rock, alternative rock and pop-punk sounds.

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The band’s frontman and main songwriter is Kris Roe, who has written some of the band’s most popular songs such as “In This Diary” and “San Dimas High School Football Rules”. The Ataris have been credited with influencing many modern pop-punk acts, including Fall Out Boy and Paramore.

Here are 10 secrets about The Ataris that you may not know:

1. The band’s name comes from a combination of AtarisSystems, the computer game company, and The Starlighters, an oldies band Roe used to play with in high school.

2. The video for “In This Diary” was filmed in Santa Barbara and features footage of Kris Roe skateboarding around town.

3. The song “My Reply” was featured on the soundtrack of the 2003 movie The Girl Next Door.

4. The Ataris are credited as being one of the first bands to combine pop-punk sounds with alternative rock melodies and lyrics.

5. The song “San Dimas High School Football Rules” is a tribute to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, which was a movie filmed nearby The Ataris hometown of Santa Barbara.

6. The Ataris have performed over 880 shows in their career, playing venues as large as The Fillmore in San Francisco and The Troubadour in Los Angeles.

7. Kris Roe currently owns a clothing company called “Loss Leaders” which is inspired by The Ataris lyrics.

8. The band has released two Christmas albums featuring covers of classic holiday songs such as “Jingle Bells” and “Away In A Manger” with punk rock flavorings.

9. The Ataris were featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in 2004 for their album So Long Astoria.

10. The band has been nominated for two Kerrang! awards and one MTV Video Music Award during their career.

The Ataris have achieved a lot of success in their career and continue to influence modern pop-punk acts today. The band’s unique sound has earned them a loyal fan base that continues to follow The Ataris on the road and support them with each new release. With so many secrets around The Ataris, it’s no wonder why they are still going strong after 20 years!

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