Top 10 Secrets About Tab Benoit

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Tab Benoit is a renowned blues musician, known for his tireless dedication to the genre and for his impressive guitar skills. He has released several albums and toured extensively throughout the United States and beyond. Here, we uncover Top 10 Secrets About Tab Benoit – secrets that will give you an inside look into his life and career.

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1. Early Life:

Born in Houma, Louisiana in 1967, Tab started playing guitar at the age of 11.Tab Benoit was inspired by blues legends B.B. King and Albert King, who he considered his mentors.

2. Band Years:

Tab Benoit was part of different bands throughout the 1990s, including Medicine Hat and TopCat.

He gained popularity when TopCat’s album ‘Powerhouse’ went gold in 1997 – a defining moment for him as an artist.

3. Solo Career:

Tab Benoit released his first solo album ‘Nice & Warm’ in 1998 and it quickly became a fan favorite with its mix of swampy blues and soulful Louisiana grooves. Since then, he has released 15 albums to date that showcase his signature sound – a blend of traditional blues, zydeco and roots-rock music.

4. Top 10 Thrill Ride:

Tab Benoit has managed to make Top 10 lists across the world more than once, with his albums ‘Voice of the Wetlands’ and ‘Night Train To Nashville’ both receiving critical acclaim. He has been nominated for two Grammy Awards, four Blues Music Awards and was a 2018 Americana Honors & Awards Nominee.

5. Side Projects:

Tab Benoit is an active part of several side projects including the acoustic duo Whiskey Bayou Records with Louisiana songwriter Tommy McLain and the blues jam band Tab & Friends featuring Anders Osborne and Cyril Neville among others.

6. Touring:

Ever since he started his professional career in 1990, Tab Benoit has been touring extensively. He has played more than 1500 shows in over 40 countries and continues to tour to this day, his live shows being a powerful testimony of his talent and artistry.

7. Humanitarian Work:

Tab Benoit is an active advocate for preserving the wetlands of Louisiana, where he grew up. To further this cause, he founded Voice of the Wetlands – a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to conserving, protecting, restoring and creating awareness about Louisiana’s coastal wetlands.

8. Awards & Honors:

Throughout his career, Tab Benoit has received numerous awards including the Keeping The Blues Alive Award from The Blues Foundation four times in 2004, 2007, 2011 and 2017 as well as an honorary degree from Nicholls State University in 2017.

9. Top Music Videos:

Tab Benoit has released some iconic music videos over the years, with the most popular being the 2018 video for ‘Standing on The Bank’, which received more than 3 million views within a month of its release.

10. Influence & Legacy:

Tab’s influence and legacy as an artist can be seen in many ways – from his tireless dedication to performing live shows to his numerous awards and honors, he is truly one of a kind. He continues to inspire countless musicians today with his unique style, deep voice and incomparable guitar skills.

By uncovering Top 10 Secrets About Tab Benoit, we gained insight into what makes him such a beloved blues musician – his humble beginnings, his unwavering passion for the genre, and his impressive accomplishments. Tab Benoit is a living legend in blues music and it’s no doubt that he will continue to wow audiences around the world with his incredible talent.

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