Top 10 Secrets About Style 80s

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Style 80s was characterized by a distinct aesthetic that continues to influence fashion trends today. The decade was known for its bright colors, flashy patterns and daring styles. Here are Top 10 Secrets About Style 80s you may not have known before.

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1. Style 80s was all about making a statement—whether it’s with an oversized blazer, printed miniskirt or bold accessories.

Style 80s was not about blending in; it was about standing out and making a statement. Bright colors, exaggerated silhouettes, and daring accessories were hallmarks of the decade—so no matter what you chose to wear, you could be sure that any look would be noticed.

2. The decade saw a resurgence of vintage clothing styles like mom jeans and bell bottoms.

The ‘80s saw a revival of vintage trends from decades past, including flared jeans (like mom jeans), wide-legged pants (like bell bottoms) and even puffed sleeves on tops. These retro looks came back into style with a modern twist on them so there was something for everyone who wanted to rock an old school but updated look.

3. The decade saw the introduction of new trends such as acid-washed jeans and neon colors.

The ‘80s was known for its bold fashion choices and the introduction of new trends. Acid-washed jeans, neon colors, and oversized blazers were all popular during this decade and have continued to be staples in modern wardrobes today.

4. Accessories played a big role in styling looks from the ‘80s—including statement jewelry, headbands, and leg warmers.

Accessories played an important role in creating unique looks during Style 80s. Chunky jewelry with bright colors were popular items to wear along with other accessories like headbands, scarves, and even leg warmers!

5. Denim was a major trend during the ‘80s, with bright colors and patterns dominating the scene.

Denim was a popular choice for many style statements in Style 80s. From acid-washed jeans to brightly colored jackets and skirts, denim was everywhere during this decade.

6. Leather was another trend that dominated the style landscape of the ‘80s, from leather jackets to pants and even shoes.

Leather pieces were a must-have for any Style 80s wardrobe—from classic black leather jackets to bold red leather pants or even chunky lace-up boots. This material made its way into countless looks throughout the decade and continues to be an iconic part of fashion today.

7. Athletic wear also had its moment during the ‘80s, with bright and bold color-blocked looks.

Sportswear was also popular in Style 80s, as many people embraced a more laidback style of dressing. Color-blocking was big in this trend—think brightly colored tracksuits or matching sets of shorts and T-shirts.

8. Shoulder pads became a staple item for women’s fashion during the ‘80s; they were worn to create an exaggerated silhouette

Shoulder pads were another essential part of any Style 80s wardrobe. They helped to create an exaggerated silhouette that was popular during the decade, giving outfits an extra bit of drama and flair.

9. Hair played a major role in creating iconic looks during the ‘80s, with big hair and perms being all the rage.

Hair was an important part of any Style 80s look. Big hair was a must—think poufy curls or poofy bobs—while perms were also popular during this time.

10. Finally, makeup played a huge role in creating bold Style 80s looks; think bright eyeshadows and exaggerated eyeliner applications.

Makeup was used to complete the iconic Style 80s looks of the decade, with bright colors like pink, blue and purple dominating the scene. Eyeliner was heavily applied for an extra dramatic effect, while eyeshadow palettes included anything from shimmering metallics to bright neon shades.

These Top 10 Secrets About Style 80s are the key elements of this era’s fashion—so make sure you rock them when going for a true ‘80s look! With the right clothing, accessories, and makeup, you can create an iconic outfit that will turn heads wherever you go. So don’t be afraid to show off your love for the decade with bold looks and daring style choices. After all, it was a time of self-expression—so why not express yourself?

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