Top 10 Secrets About Robot Phantasy

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Robot Phantasy has been around since the mid-1980s, and it has seen some changes over the years. Here are 10 secrets about Robot Phantasy that you may not know.

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1. The original Robot Phantasy game was released in Japan only, but was later localized into other languages for international release.

2. It was one of the first console games to be based on a manga series – specifically Masamune Shirow’s Appleseed manga series.

3. It’s also the first game to feature both a 3D environment and mech combat elements combined with traditional RPG elements like level grinding.

4. The game’s biggest influence is its use of giant robots called “mechs”, which players control in battle.

5. Over the years, Robot Phantasy has spawned multiple sequels and spin-off titles, and each installment features different mechs, weapons, and storylines.

6. The game also features a unique character customization system which allows players to create their own mechs from various parts available in the game.

7. Despite its age, Robot Phantasy is still relatively popular amongst gamers today due to its engaging story and gameplay elements.

8. It’s also one of the few video games to feature an all-female cast of characters as protagonists – something that was quite rare at the time of its release in 1986.

9. The game has been ported to multiple platforms over the years including iOS and Android, and even Virtual Console on the Wii.

10. The game has also inspired several anime films, TV series, manga, and other tie-in merchandise over the years. All of these elements have combined to make Robot Phantasy one of the most beloved franchises in gaming history.

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