Top 10 Secrets About Pierce The Veil

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Pierce The Veil has been one of the most successful international rock bands of the past decade. Formed in 2006, Pierce The Veil originally consisted of brothers Vic and Mike Fuentes as well as bassist Jaime Preciado and vocalist Tony Perry. Pierce The Veil was quickly embraced for their unique sound, combining post-hardcore punk with elements of pop punk and emo music. Since then, Pierce The Veil has released four studio albums, toured extensively around the world, and won numerous awards including a Kerrang! Award in 2014. Here are 10 lesser known facts about Pierce The Veil:

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1. Pierce The Veil was originally called Before Today until they changed their name to Pierce The Veil in 2007.

2. Lead singer Vic Fuentes wrote Pierce The Veil’s hit single “King for A Day” about his late grandmother.

3. Pierce The Veil has performed alongside some of rock music’s biggest names, including Linkin Park, All Time Low, and Panic! At The Disco.

4. Pierce The Veil was the first band ever to perform at the Vans Warped Tour in Mexico City in 2010.

5. Pierce The Veil is one of the only bands with a Latin American frontman that have achieved mainstream success outside of their home country.

6. Pierce The Veil’s latest album, Misadventures, reached number four on the US Billboard chart and charted in nine countries worldwide within its first week of release in 2016.

7. Pierce The Veil has won several awards throughout their career, including Best International Band at the 2014 Kerrang! Awards.

8. Pierce The Veil have had multiple music videos featured on MTV and other major networks, with their single “Bulls in the Bronx” being nominated for an MTV Video Music Award in 2015.

9. Pierce The Veil are currently working on a fifth studio album, slated to be released sometime in 2020.

10. Pierce The Veil’s fanbase is known as “The Vicinity”—a name that references a line from their song “Hold On Till May” and also pays homage to Pierce The Veil’s expansive international fan base who share a deep connection to the band and its music.

These are some of Pierce The Veil’s top-secret facts and trivia that you may not have known before! Pierce The Veil has achieved incredible success over the past decade, making them one of the most popular rock bands in the industry today. Their passion and commitment to their craft is sure to keep Pierce The Veil fans coming back for more!

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