Top 10 Secrets About Pierce The Veil

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Pierce The Veil have been creating music that appeals to fans of all ages and backgrounds since 2007, with no signs of slowing down. Pierce The Veil’s diverse sound has earned them numerous accolades throughout their career, including multiple Grammy nominations and international tours. Every Pierce The Veil fan knows the band’s top ten secrets – and now you can learn about them too! Here they are:

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1. Pierce The Veil originated in San Diego, California back in 2006 when brothers Vic and Mike Fuentes formed the band. It was later joined by bassist Jaime Preciado and guitarist Tony Perry.

2. Pierce The Veil have released four studio albums so far, Collide with the Sky (2012), Misadventures (2016), Selfish Machines (2010) and A Flair for The Dramatic (2007).

3. Pierce The Veil has been nominated for a Grammy Award five times – in 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2017.

4. Pierce The Veil have toured all around the world, performing in countries such as Mexico, Canada, UK, Japan and more.

5. Pierce The Veil’s music incorporates elements of post-hardcore, punk rock and even pop – creating their unique sound that is popular among fans from all over the world.

6. Pierce The Veil’s live shows are known to be an energetic affair – featuring bright colors, feathers, masks and other props.

7. Pierce The Veil have an incredibly strong bond with their fans – they often interact with them on social media networks such as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to keep up communication.

8. Pierce The Veil are heavily involved with charities such as the Love Hope Strength Foundation to help save lives through bone marrow donation.

9. Pierce The Veil hold an annual concert which donates proceeds to a charity of their choice – making it more than just a show for Pierce The Veil’s fans but also a philanthropic experience.

10. Pierce The Veil have been consistently recording and performing since 2007, proving that they are one of the most innovative bands in the genre.

These are Pierce The Veil’s top ten secrets – and there is much more to discover about them! Pierce The Veil continue to be one of the most interesting and successful bands in the music industry today.

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