Top 10 Secrets About Pierce The Veil

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Pierce The Veil is a post-hardcore rock band from San Diego, California that has been active since 2006. The four-piece band consists of brothers Vic and Mike Fuentes, Jaime Preciado and Tony Perry. Pierce The Veil has released five studio albums, two extended plays and eleven singles.

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Pierce The Veil has achieved success on the charts around the world with their unique sound blending metalcore and pop punk influences into new wave of American post-hardcore. Their fifth album Misadventures peaked at number 4 on the Billboard 200 chart in 2016, making it their highest charting record to date. Here are 10 secrets about Pierce The Veil:

1) Pierce The Veil were originally called “Before Today” until they changed their name in 2006.

2) Vic Fuentes and Mike Fuentes are brothers who were born and raised in San Diego, California.

3) Pierce The Veil’s debut album A Flair For The Dramatic was influenced by a variety of genres including post-hardcore, metalcore and pop punk.

4) Pierce The Veil have been nominated for multiple awards throughout their career including AP Music Awards, Alternative Press Readers’ Choice Awards and Kerrang! Awards.

5) Pierce The Veil has collaborated with several artists including Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens, Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low and the late Craig Owens of Chiodos.

6) Pierce The Veil was featured on the

Warped Tour in 2011, which they consider to be one of the highlights of their career.

7) Pierce The Veil’s third album Collide with the Sky was a commercial success and debuted at number 12 on the Billboard 200 Chart.

8) Pierce The Veil’s fourth studio album Misadventures was recorded in part at Vic Fuentes’ home studio in San Diego.

9) Pierce The Veil have achieved international success with their music charting in the US, UK, Canada and Australia among other countries.

10) Pierce The Veil has gone on multiple world tours throughout their career including dates in Europe, Asia, South America and North America.

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