Top 10 Secrets About Pierce The Veil

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Pierce The Veil is an American rock band formed in 2006 by brothers Vic and Mike Fuentes. Pierce The Veil has gained a large following over the years, thanks to their iconic sound and dynamic live performances. Here are some of the lesser-known secrets behind Pierce The Veil:

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1. Pierce The Veil’s first release was called A Flair for the Dramatic, released in 2007. It was recorded at Singing Serpent Studios in San Diego and mixed at NRG Recording Services in Los Angeles before being released via Equal Vision Records on June 26th of that year.

2. Pierce The Veil’s most successful album, Collide with the Sky, was released on July 17th, 2012 and reached number 4 on Billboard 200 chart! It featured the popular singles “King for a Day” and “Bulls in the Bronx.”

3. Pierce The Veil has also had their music featured in some popular movies such as Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Jennifer’s Body, and Scream 4.

4. Pierce The Veil released their fourth album Misadventures on May 13th, 2016 via Fearless Records. It was number one on Billboard Top Rock Albums chart and went on to achieve gold status!

5. Pierce The Veil was nominated for two Alternative Press Music Awards in 2013 – Best Live Band and Most Dedicated Fans. They won the award for Most Dedicated Fans that year!

6. Pierce The Veil has gone on multiple tours over the years, including a co-headlining tour with All Time Low in 2016, and their own headlining world tour during 2017.

7. Pierce The Veil’s logo was designed by photographer/artist Pierce The Velvet and has become iconic among their fans. It first appeared on their second album Selfish Machines (2010).

8. Pierce The Veil have been featured in many video game soundtracks, such as Rock Band 3, Saints Row: The Third, and Need For Speed: Rivals.

9. Pierce The Veil teamed up with Vans for a special line of sneakers in 2015 that were inspired by the band’s music and artwork!

10. Pierce The Veil released two compilation albums – This Is a Wasteland (2013) and The Divine Zero (2015). Both featured unreleased songs and acoustic versions of their most popular tracks.

All in all, Pierce The Veil is a band that has been making waves in the music industry for over a decade. With their unique sound and powerful live performances, Pierce The Veil have earned themselves an impressive fan base as well as critical recognition. Pierce The Veil’s secrets are just one part of what makes them such an intriguing act to follow!

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