Top 10 Secrets About Laurel And Hardy

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Laurel And Hardyare considered to be one of the most iconic comedy duos in history. They starred in over 100 films together and their unique brand of physical comedy influenced generations of comedians. Despite their success, there were many secrets about Laurel And Hardy that were never revealed to the public. Here are the top 10 secrets about Laurel and Hardy:


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1. Laurel And Hardy’s real names were not actually Laurel and Hardy

They were both born with different names, Laurel’s was Arthur Stanley Jefferson and Hardy’s was Oliver Norvell Hardy. It is unknown why or how they came to be known as Laurel and Hardy but it is believed that their stage names were given to them by a producer.

2. Laurel And Hardy were not originally a comedy team

They both started out in film separately and it wasn’t until they were both cast in the film The Lucky Dog in 1921 that they became a team. They soon found out that they had great comedic timing and chemistry together and went on to star in many films together.

3. Laurel And Hardy did not always get along

Despite being one of the most successful comedy teams, Laurel and Hardy did not always get along. They often argued and had different opinions on how their films should be made. However, they always managed to put their differences aside and continued to work together until Laurel’s retirement in 1950.

4. Hardy was once married to Mae Laurel

This may come as a surprise but before Laurel and Hardy became a team, Hardy was actually married to Mae Laurel! The marriage only lasted for a few months but it is still unknown why they got divorced.

5. Laurel And Hardy were both nominated for Oscars

Not many people know this but Laurel and Hardy were both nominated for Academy Awards! Laurel was nominated for Best Actor in 1931 for his role in The Champ and Hardy was nominated for Best Live Action Short Film in 1932 for The Music Box.

6. Laurel And Hardy once had their own television show

In 1955, Laurel and Hardy starred in their own television show called The Laurel And Hardy Show. The show only lasted for one season but it was a hit with fans.

7. Laurel wrote, directed, and produced some of their films

Laurel was not just an actor, he also wrote, directed, and produced some of their films. He was even nominated for an Oscar for his work on the film The Dancing Masters in 1943.

8. Hardy’s son appeared in a few of their films

Hardy’s son, Oliver Hardy Jr., made a few cameo appearances in his father’s films. He can be seen in the background of some scenes in The Flying Deuces and A Chump at Oxford.

9. Laurel And Hardy made a cameo appearance in It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

In 1963, Laurel and Hardy made a cameo appearance in the film It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. They can be seen sitting on a bench eating peanuts while Ed Wynn talks to them.

10. There is a Laurel And Hardy museum in their hometown

Did you know that there is an entire museum dedicated to Laurel and Hardy? The Laurel And Hardy Museum is located in Ulverston, England which is where both Laurel and Hardy were born. The museum is full of memorabilia and artifacts from their films and careers.

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