Top 10 Secrets About John Constantine

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John Constantine is a fictional character in DC Comics’ “Hellblazer” series. He is an occult detective and con-man who is not frightened of the supernatural world or its power. Top 10 secrets about John Constantine reveal a complex and mysterious man, with a dark past, who has a deep set of moral values that guide his actions as he strives to do what’s right – even if it costs him.

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1. John Constantine is an antihero:

While he often uses his knack for manipulating people to achieve his own ends, he always does so out of a sense of duty and morality when it comes to helping others. This can make him both sympathetic, yet also dangerous and unpredictable – never knowing which side he will choose.

2. He has a deep knowledge of the occult:

John Constantine is a master of the supernatural and dark arts, having been trained in this knowledge since childhood by his grandmother. His expertise makes him a valuable asset when it comes to dealing with magical threats that come from within our own world or beyond it.

3. He’s immortal:

In DC Comics Rebirth, Constantine was granted immortality as part of the “New 52” universe. This means he can live forever and be killed only through spiritual means – something which gives him an edge against his foes, as well as making him virtually invincible in combat scenarios.

4. Constantine has made deals with the devil:

This is one of his most infamous secrets, as it has caused him to be cursed with an endless string of misfortunes. He has made deals with the devil in order to gain control over powerful magical forces and knowledge.

5. He’s a loner:

John Constantine prefers to keep his distance from those around him, due to the burden of his secrets and past sins. He often finds himself struggling for redemption, despite a reputation for being amoral and untrustworthy.

6. His magic is fueled by “The Wild Hunt”:

The Wild Hunt is an ancient power which grants John Constantine access to vast stores of mystical energy and knowledge that allows him to tap into supernatural forces without having to rely on rituals or incantations.

7. John Constantine smokes:

As a coping mechanism for his personal demons and the power of the Wild Hunt, Constantine is a heavy smoker – much to the chagrin of those around him who are unaware of what it does for him.

8. He’s an exorcist:

In addition to his knowledge and use of magic, John has trained in other occult arts such as exorcism which he can use to protect against supernatural threats or malevolent creatures.

9. He has a dark sense of humor:

This can be seen throughout his stories, where he often uses sarcasm and dry wit as a defense or coping method when dealing with difficult situations or powerful enemies.

10. He’s not afraid of death:

John Constantine is a man comfortable with the idea of dying or being killed – he views it as part of his mission, and a necessary consequence in order to save people from evil forces. His courage and willingness to face death makes him a powerful ally for those in need.

These Top 10 Secrets About John Constantine reveal an enigmatic figure who walks the line between good and evil, trying to do what’s right even when it costs him personally. He is an antihero whose knowledge of the occult, magical powers, dark sense of humor, and lack of fear make him one of the most fascinating characters in DC Comics. It’s no wonder why so many fans love him! By understanding these secrets about Constantine they can better understand why he does what he does, and the motivations behind his actions. As a result, fans come to respect this complex character even more.

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