Top 10 Secrets About Islam Makhachev

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Islam Makhachev is a Russian mixed martial artist and UFC lightweight contender. He came onto the MMA scene in 2014 and since then has made a name for himself as one of the most successful and talented fighters in the sport. Islam is known for his grappling prowess, which he uses to his advantage to overwhelm opponents with strikes or submissions. Here are 10 secrets about Islam Makhachev that you may not have known:

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1. Islam was born and raised in Dagestan, Russia where he started learning Judo at the age of eight before transitioning into Sambo at twelve years old.

2. Islam’s professional record currently stands at 19-1 with 14 wins by submission, making him one of the few fighters to have a higher win rate by submission than decision.

3. Islam is the first fighter to win a UFC lightweight title with a perfect record, making him one of the few undefeated fighters in UFC history.

4. Islam is a part of the well-known Khabib Nurmagomedov team at AKA and the two are often spotted training together when Islam visits from Dagestan.

5. Islam has been trained by some of the best coaches in MMA including Javier Mendez, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Rafael Cordeiro, which explains why he’s so successful in both grappling and striking.

6. Islam is known for his ability to make weight quickly as he cuts an average of 10-12 pounds for each fight.

7. Islam is very religious, which explains why he fasts for a period of time during Ramadan every year and adheres to Islam’s law in the octagon.

8. Islam has an impressive cardio and conditioning program that includes road work, grappling drills and specific weightlifting exercises to keep him in top shape when competing in the octagon.

9. Islam was one of the first fighters to use nutrition coaching as part of his training regimen, as he works with renowned dietician Mike Dolce on his meals to ensure optimum performance during fights.

10. Islam is known for never being content with his level of skill and continues to work on his craft, attending seminars and working with new coaches to learn more about the sport. Islam has become an inspiration for many aspiring fighters and continues to strive towards becoming a better martial artist every day.

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