Top 10 Secrets About Islam Makhachev

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Islam Makhachev is a Russian professional mixed martial artist and lightweight competitor in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Regarded as one of the top lightweights in the UFC, Islam has earned respect from both his peers and fans alike. Islam has accomplished many milestones in his career, including multiple victories at Fight Nights Global and Cage Warriors, along with an impressive three-fight winning streak within the UFC. Despite these achievements, there is still much that remains unknown about Islam Makhachev. Here are the top 10 secrets about Islam you may not know:

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1. Islam Makhachev was born and raised in Dagestan, Russia, where he grew up training in various martial arts disciplines such as judo and sambo. He also trained extensively in wrestling and boxing, which proved to be invaluable skills for his later career in MMA.

2. Islam is a devout Muslim and he has openly spoken about his faith when it comes to competing in the octagon, saying that Islam guides him in life and helps him stay focused on achieving success.

3. Islam’s first major win came at Fight Nights Global where he defeated Alexander Sarnavskiy via submission in 2015, launching Islam into the spotlight of professional MMA fighters.

4. Islam had an impressive run with Cage Warriors Fighting Championship, winning multiple fights against notable opponents including Teemu Packalen, Martin Stapleton, and Arbi Aguev.

5. Islam made his UFC debut in 2014 and has since compiled a record of 14 wins and one loss. He is currently on an impressive three-fight winning streak within the UFC with victories against Kajan Johnson, Francisco Trinaldo, and Davi Ramos.

6. Islam’s work ethic is legendary amongst other mixed martial artists; Islam trains up to four times per day while following a strict diet regimen that helps him maintain his fighting weight of 155lbs.

7. Islam has trained alongside one of the greatest MMA fighters ever, Khabib Nurmagomedov for years – Islam was even present at Khabib’s fight against Conor McGregor in 2018.

8. Islam is humble despite all his accomplishments, often refusing to talk about himself during interviews and instead choosing to focus on his team and the sport of MMA in general.

9. Islam is an avid fan of soccer and he has been known to watch games whenever possible, often celebrating when his favorite teams win.

10. Islam Makhachev has certainly come a long way from the small Dagestani village where he grew up, as Islam is now one of the top lightweight fighters in the UFC today. His dedication, hard work, and talent have earned him respect amongst his peers, fans, and opponents alike as one of the greatest lightweights in MMA history. Islam’s story serves as a great example to all aspiring athletes out there that with enough drive and commitment anything is possible. Islam’s success story is certainly something to be admired.

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