Top 10 Secrets About Himym Tv Show

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Himym Tv Show was an instant hit when it aired in 2005 and its popularity has only grown since then. Here are Top 10 Secrets About Himym Tv Show that you may not have known before:

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1. The show was created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, who drew their inspiration from one of their own experiences in New York City.

Himym was based on the real-life experiences of Bays and Thomas in New York City. The duo wanted to create a show that explored young adult life from a fresh perspective, focusing on relationships, family dynamics, and humor.

2. Marshall was originally meant to be played by James Van Der Beek.

Many fans are familiar with Jason Segel’s portrayal of Marshall Eriksen as one of the main characters in Himym, but few may know that James Van Der Beek was actually approached for the role first!

3. The original series finale was scrapped at the last minute.

Originally intended to be aired in May 2014, the finale had been filmed months earlier when it was realized that it wasn’t quite right and would need some reworking.

4. The final scene was shot at a real wedding.

As part of the rewriting process for the finale, it was decided to move the main characters’ reunion from a bar to an actual wedding ceremony. For this, the showrunners got permission to film their last scene at a real-life couple’s nuptials in Los Angeles.

5. One character didn’t appear in every single episode – Ted Mosby!

Ted was absent in several episodes throughout the course of Himym’s 9 season run due to actor Josh Radnor being unavailable for filming on certain days and his character not having a major role in some storylines or plot points.

6. Several famous guest stars have

appeared on the show. From Britney Spears to James Franco, Himym had no shortage of famous cameos over the years.

7. Neil Patrick Harris was initially not excited about playing Barney Stinson.

While his character became one of the most beloved characters in all of television, Harris was initially hesitant to sign up for such a goofy role!

8. The creators deliberately chose to exclude certain elements from the show.

Bays and Thomas decided early on that they would steer clear of any sort of social commentary and politics, as well as any kind of explicit sex scenes that could alienate viewers or take away from what they were trying to accomplish with their story and characters.

9. An alternate ending for Ted and Robin was filmed.

Fans of the show were divided when it came to Ted and Robin’s eventual reunion; in order to make sure that they covered all their bases, Bays and Thomas shot an alternate ending featuring a different outcome for the two characters.

10. The show was praised for its use of music.

The soundtrack for Himym featured a wide variety of artists, from indie bands to classic rock – many fans can still recall particular songs or sequences associated with certain episodes!

Himym is a beloved tv show that has touched countless viewers with its humor and heartwarming stories. These Top 10 Secrets About Himym Tv Show are just some of the things that made it so special!

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