Top 10 Secrets About Belal Muhammad

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Belal Muhammad is a rising star in the UFC’s welterweight division. The 27-year-old Chicago native is undefeated in his pro MMA career and is coming off a big win over Alan Jouban at UFC 206.

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While Muhammad may not be a household name yet, that could all change in the near future as he continues to rack up wins inside the Octagon. Here are 10 things you might not know about Belal Muhammad:

1. Belal began training in martial arts at the age of 5

2. He has a black belt in karate and taekwondo

3. Belal has competed in Muay Thai and boxing matches

4. He holds an amateur MMA record of 7-1

5. Belal was a participant in The Ultimate Fighter 21

6. He is the father to two sons, Belal Jr and Zaid

7. Belal works as a motivational speaker at schools, churches, and other events

8. His nickname is “Remember the Name”

9. Belal has been featured on the cover of Illinois MMA Magazine twice

10. Belal is currently undefeated in his pro MMA career with 8 wins overall.

Belal Muhammad’s stock is rising as he continues to make waves in the UFC welterweight division. With an impressive record and powerful fighting style, Belal looks poised for big things in 2017 and beyond! Keep an eye out for this rising star!

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