Top 10 Facts About Zuni Doll Scary

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Zuni Doll Scary is a horror film directed by Robert Earl. It tells the story of a group of friends who investigate the mysterious disappearance of a Zuni doll. The movie has gained cult status over the years, becoming one of the most talked-about and beloved horror films in history. Here are some interesting facts about this classic film:

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1) The movie was written by Alan Ormsby and featured in Fangoria magazine in 1971 before it was released as a full-length feature film two years later.

2) The original script for the movie contained an entire subplot that was eventually cut from the final version due to budget constraints.

3) Many of the effects used in Zuni Doll Scary were created using practical


effects. This included the creation of a life-sized, mechanized Zuni doll head which was used in several scenes throughout the film.

4) Despite its low budget, the movie was shot over a period of 16 weeks and filmed at various locations around New York City.

5) The original score for the movie was composed by composer Richard Band who also created many of the sound effects for the film.

6) The unique design of the Zuni doll came from an actual tribal mask from Hawaii that writer Alan Ormsby discovered during his research into native American cultures.

7) Many critics consider Zuni Doll Scary to be one of the most influential horror films ever made and it continues to be a favorite among horror fans around the world.

8) The film was released by American International Pictures, which was the same studio that released some of the most iconic B-movies of the era such as Night of the Living Dead and Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.

9) Zuni Doll Scary has spawned several sequels, including 1977’s Beyond Evil and 1990’s Curse III: Blood Sacrifice.

10) The movie has been remade twice, once in 1992 with director Tobe Hooper and again in 2008 with director Adam Gierasch. Both versions failed to capture the essence of original but did manage to earn a cult following due to their similarities.

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