Top 10 Facts about Liz Truss

Liz Truss is a British Conservative Party politician and the current Secretary of State for International Trade. She was first elected as Member of Parliament (MP) for South West Norfolk in 2010, as part of the Coalition government. Since then, she has held several senior positions within the UK government. Here are 10 facts about Liz Truss:

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1. Liz Truss was born on 26th May 1975 in Oxfordshire and was educated at Roundhay School in Leeds and Merton College, Oxford.

2. In 2005, she worked as an Economic Advisor to the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne from 2005-2007 and served as Deputy Director at Reform from 2007-2010.

3. On 9 June 2010, she became MP for South West Norfolk, and held the position until she was appointed Secretary of State in July 2019.

4. She is an advocate of free trade and has campaigned to reduce bureaucracy within government departments. She is also a passionate supporter of women’s rights, having spoken out about equal pay and gender equality in parliament.

5. Liz Truss chaired the Women’s Right Commission from 2013-2015 and was Minister for Education and Childcare from 2014-2016.

6. After only six months as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, she was promoted to Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary in 2018 – becoming one of only two female Lord Chancellors since 1483!

7. In 2020, she became the first Secretary of State for International Trade, and has since been heavily involved in negotiating post-Brexit trade deals with the EU.

8. She is a mother of two daughters who she often references in her work to advocate causes such as improving education standards and ensuring gender equality.

9. Liz Truss also helped co-author ‘After The Coalition’, a book about what could be done to improve the Conservative party following the 2010 election.

10. In 2016 she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Birmingham City University for her commitment to public service and contribution to politics.

This overview provides a snapshot into Liz Truss’ career in British politics – from her early beginnings in Oxfordshire, through to becoming Britain’s first female Lord Chancellor and now Secretary of State for International Trade. Her commitment to public service and advocacy of free trade, gender equality and reduced bureaucracy are testament to her dedication as a politician.

By understanding the facts about Liz Truss, it is possible to gain an insight into her journey from MP for South West Norfolk to one of the most powerful positions in British politics – further highlighting her inspirational story.

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