Secrets About King Charles Iii

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King Charles Iii was born on October 30, 1338, in Vincennes, France. He was the eldest son of King John II of France and Bonne of Luxemburg. His father died when Charles was eight years old, and he became king at the age of eleven.

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Charles III was known as Charles the Simple. He was crowned king of France on May 25, 1350.

As king, Charles III worked to keep the peace in his kingdom. He married Margaret of Anjou in 1350. They had two children together: Charles IV and Isabella.

In 1356, Charles III declared war on England. The conflict, known as the Hundred Years’ War, lasted for over 100 years. During the war, France lost many territories, including the city of Calais.

In 1364, Charles III signed the Treaty of Bretigny, which ended the war with England. As part of the treaty, he agreed to marry his daughter Isabella to King Edward III of England.

Charles III died on October 1, 1380, in Meulan-en-Yvelines, France. He was succeeded by his son, Charles IV.

King Charles III is remembered for his military accomplishments and for his efforts to keep the peace in his kingdom. He is also remembered for signing the Treaty of Bretigny, which ended the Hundred Years’ War.

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