Drake’s Difficulties With The Release Of The Song Honestly, Nevermind

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Drake’s “Honest” was set to be released on October 24, 2014, but the song was leaked online on October 23. As a result, Drake decided to not release the song commercially. He said in an Instagram post that he was “not sure where the leak came from” and that he was “upset” about it.

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Drake has been known to be protective of his music, and this is just one example of how a leak can cause problems for an artist. In this case, Drake chose not to release the song because he felt it wasn’t ready. This is understandable, as leaks can often lead to songs being released before they’re ready, which can lead to subpar quality.

Despite the setback, Drake went on to release his album “Views” which was a huge success. It’s safe to say that he bounced back from this hiccup and is now one of the biggest names in music.

This goes to show that even when leaks happen, it doesn’t mean the end of an artist’s career. Drake is just one example of many who have been able to overcome this obstacle and go on to have successful careers.

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