5 Interesting Things About Trudeau And Trump Trudeau

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Trudeau and Trump are two very different leaders. Here are five interesting facts about them:

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1. Trudeau is a self-proclaimed “feminist” while Trump has been accused of sexism.

Trudeau has been outspoken about his belief that men and women should be treated equally. He has even gone so far as to call himself a “feminist.” Trump, on the other hand, has been accused of sexism and sexual assault.

2. Trudeau is a political novice while Trump is a seasoned politician.

Trudeau has never held elected office before becoming Prime Minister of Canada. Trump, on the other hand, was a reality TV star and businessman before becoming President of the United States.

3. Trudeau is pro-immigration while Trump is anti-immigration.

Trudeau has welcomed Syrian refugees to Canada and advocates for immigration reform. Trump, on the other hand, has proposed a travel ban for people from Muslim-majority countries and wants to build a wall along the US-Mexico border.

4. Trudeau is a fan of Justin Bieber while Trump is not.

Trudeau has said that he is a big fan of Justin Bieber. Trump, on the other hand, has called Bieber a “joke” and “a piece of garbage.”

5. Trudeau is left-leaning while Trump is right-wing.

Trudeau identifies as a Liberal, which is left-leaning in Canadian politics. Trump is a Republican, which is right-wing in American politics.

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